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        Single head hydraulic pipe bender is widely used in the market


        Single head hydraulic pipe bender and double head hydraulic pipe bender are involved in various domestic pipe processing industries, such as furniture manufacturing, office seats, sofas, beds, rocking chairs, trampolines, etc., while in the automobile manufacturing industry, automobile bumpers, automobile oil pipes, exhaust pipes, etc., new electric vehicles, electric vehicle beams, body frames, electric vehicle girder chassis, etc Our hydraulic pipe bender is different according to different industries and models. We choose the corresponding pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender, etc. according to the use environment and characteristics of the industry.

        The use of hydraulic pipe bender in China is very large. Every year, the replacement of pipe bender accessories, such as smooth pipe bender maintenance, after-sales pipe bender maintenance, replacement of hydraulic pipe bender accessories, hydraulic pipe bender slider, head, three hole plate, two hole plate, hydraulic pipe bender cylinder, solenoid valve, hydraulic pipe bender oil pump, is a very large project. Although the products of pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine and pipe shrinking machine are more inclined to automation, the hydraulic pipe bender previously used in some industries has been replaced with high-end products such as full-automatic pipe bender, straightening pipe bender and automatic assembly line pipe bender, some industries such as boiler industry and large-diameter pipe bending still need to adopt Hydraulic pipe bender to complete the processing, even if the large-diameter pipe bending process is complex, automatic feeding and automatic space angle can be used to realize the full-automatic pipe bender, but the pipe bending drive is still controlled by hydraulic pressure. Due to the improvement of our hydraulic system and the more intelligent and powerful electric control system of the pipe bender, the hydraulic full-automatic pipe bender or hydraulic semi-automatic pipe bender can meet the requirements of large-scale pipe bending.

        In this paper, the bending process of the complex bending parts of electric vehicles and motorcycles on the numerical control pipe bender is analyzed. The bending characteristics of some complex bending parts on the frame of small electric vehicles and three wheel electric vehicles and the bending forming process on the numerical control pipe bender are analyzed. The calculation formulas of the required process parameters are given. The springback and positioning of the bending parts are analyzed. In this paper, the bending characteristics of some complex bending pipe fittings on motorcycles and the bending forming on the NC bending machine are analyzed.

        According to the characteristics and difficulties of the electric frame and girder, the CNC three-dimensional pipe bender produced by our company has been successfully used to bend several main complex pipe fittings on the electric tricycle and motorcycle, accumulating rich experience.

        Through the programming of three-dimensional NC pipe bender to simulate three-dimensional animation demonstration, to prevent the interference point in advance to adjust the pipe bending action and the structure of the pipe bender, to realize the intelligent pipe bending production and processing, to reduce the waste of pipe fittings in the early stage, to make the operation of the new-type NC pipe bender more simple, through the simple learning of three-dimensional NC pipe bender programming method, it can easily realize the pipe bending programming and intelligence The new type of bender can realize the power-off memory method, and can continue to complete the action instructions after the power-off and start-up in case of emergency, so as to truly realize the waste free production.

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