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        Development status of pipe bender industry and die industry in China in recent years


        In the first half of this year, compared with last year, the overall development of the machine tool industry has a significant growth rate. Our pipe bending machine equipment and pipe cutting machine, metal circular saw machine, pipe cutting machine and other pipe processing machinery, with the recovery of the furniture industry, as well as the medical equipment and shipbuilding industry In the first half of this year, the sales volume of pipe bender equipment increased significantly compared with that of last year.

        Although the sales volume of hydraulic pipe bender is still in front of the CNC machine tool of automatic pipe bender, it is still our main force. But at present, it is the time of great change and development of China's CNC machine tool industry. Under the current economic situation, we should know the direction of situation control, analyze the influence of CNC machine tool industry and the future development situation in detail, and have a positive guidance for the long-term development of China's CNC machine tool industry and the breakthrough of CNC machine tool industry in specific work Effect.

        From overseas experience, service industry is the most important direction of economic transformation. However, with the deepening of social division of labor in economic growth, the division of labor in service industry is also gradually refined. We can roughly divide the service industry into three categories: the first is to meet the needs of enterprises, which can be called productive service industry; the second is to meet the needs of residents, and the third is the public service industry provided by the government.

        As we all know, machine tool mould plays an irreplaceable role in the development trend of mould industry. In the field of medium and high-end mold machine tools, Chinese enterprises have achieved a breakthrough in upgrading and leaping products. At the same time, the R & D ability of enterprises is constantly improving, and more and more powerful enterprises begin to appear.

        With the development of mold and machine tool industry in the whole country and the continuous transformation and upgrading of the industry, the future development direction of China's mold has been more clear, and the machine tool mold has also stepped out of a seal of Chinese characteristics on the way to the top. China has started the research and development of medium and high-end mold machine tools, from the past can not be completed to the present has started independent research and development, the overall scale of mold machine tools has grown rapidly from small to large.

        China's mould machine tools are still at the low-end level in the world, and high-end mould machine tools still need continuous research and development. Most enterprises are weak in R & D of medium and high-end molds, and key equipment still needs to be imported from abroad. Such a passive situation makes the whole industry under control. The passive situation is most prominent in the field of aviation manufacturing. China's domestic mold and machine tool enterprises can not accurately grasp the entire market demand, can not provide effective solutions for users, to a certain extent, restricts the development of high-end mold and machine tools.

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