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        Intelligent equipment promotes the development of bending machine tool in China


        The pipe bender is still very optimistic in the market demand of modern industrial machine tools. For many fresh market applications in China, our pipe processing equipment, pipe bender, metal circular saw, pipe shrinking machine and fully automatic pipe bender and other machine tools play an important part processing demand in sports equipment, medical equipment and furniture manufacturing industry. In modern aerospace industry, the And automobile, air conditioning pipeline industry, have a very wide range of applications.

        Although through continuous efforts, China's CNC system has made great development, but more than 90% of the CNC systems of China's high-grade CNC machine tools and pipe bender equipment are foreign products, especially for the pipe bender and shale pipe bender urgently needed by the national defense industry. The high-grade CNC system is the key factor to determine the performance, function, reliability and cost of the machine tool equipment, while the foreign countries are the key factor to China Up to now, China still has the restriction of blocking, which has become the bottleneck of the development of high-grade pipe bender and CNC pipe bender.

        Machine tool plays an important role in all walks of life, and also represents the development level of equipment manufacturing industry in a country. Whether the products of machine tool industry are complete or not not not only affects the development speed and innovation ability of manufacturing industry, but also is an important sign to measure the comprehensive strength of machine tool industry in a country or region. The demand change of machine tool industry is often accompanied by the national industrial development. In the era of the third industrial revolution, advanced manufacturing technology is booming. After two industrial revolutions, the traditional machine tool industry has attracted much attention. In recent years, with the increase of patent applications of foreign machine tool enterprises in China, China's machine tool industry has gradually improved its independent innovation mechanism, especially enhanced the support for the research and development of core key technologies of high-end CNC machine tools and all digital AC servo drive, and reaped the fruits of intellectual property rights in the challenges.

        On July 30, 2013, Xu Zhengping, head of marketing department of Shanghai Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., asserted that the convergence of Internet computer communication technology and new energy will lead to the third industrial revolution at the national higher vocational college textbook construction and school enterprise cooperation education seminar held in Shenyang. From the beginning of the 21st century, it was first triggered by Germany, and Italy, Japan and other countries paid close attention to this industrial revolution. It is estimated that there will be a reserve period of 25-35 years from now, when a new round of industrial revolution will come out. Minister Xu believes that a large amount of resource consumption, environmental pollution and rising labor costs will be the cause of the outbreak of the third industrial revolution.

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