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        The improvement of CNC pipe bender is helpful to promote the latest pipe bending technology


        With the rapid development and continuous improvement of China's economic level, the demand for household appliances, industrial equipment, transportation facilities, etc. is increasing rapidly, and the shape requirements of many metal pipes are also becoming increasingly complex. At present, the two-dimensional pipe bender is gradually replaced by the three-dimensional automatic pipe bender because it can not meet the increasingly complex industrial needs.

        While our domestic manufacturers pay attention to general performance, they also care about two points: one is how to meet some special needs of their own processing and production, the other is how to reduce the cost.

        Through the analysis of the customer's functional requirements, our company's technicians determined to use HMI and PLC to realize the upper control, and AC servo motor as the drive, which can completely complete the following performance requirements: manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic and other operation modes of pipe bending machine, and can meet the requirements of mandrel and non mandrel, single angle and multi angle, two-dimensional angle and three-dimensional angle selection According to the specific needs of different control requirements, hundreds of product models can be stored. Each model can set multiple elbow angle parameters and rotation angle parameters, which can meet the requirements of various complex, multi angle and different space, and can monitor and display the work progress in real time.

        Compared with the price of hydraulic pipe bender, the price of numerical control pipe bender is much higher, but it is still very advantageous for the pipe bending of furniture industry, especially for the bending of seats and other pipes. It is reasonable that the price of numerical control equipment is higher than that of hydraulic pipe bender. But why is the hydraulic pipe bender so popular in the furniture industry? In fact, it's not hard to understand that for small enterprises, the price of a dozen or even hundreds of thousands of CNC pipe benders is a big obstacle. After all, the price of CNC pipe benders is so high, and it's certainly not as flexible as hydraulic pipe benders. Because the hydraulic pipe bender has many advantages, such as low cost, low technical difficulty in after-sales maintenance, and repair cost, it can be purchased separately for large-diameter pipe hydraulic pipe bender, and the cost cost of CNC pipe bender will make the enterprise consider the comparison of cost and output.

        For the common hydraulic pipe bender machine tool, the customer group is totally different from that for the full-automatic pipe bender machine tool. One is for the high-end customer group, and the other is for the general majority of market groups. The demand concepts of the two are different in the market. In the selection of the full-automatic machine tool customer group, the price of the full-automatic equipment is not the same Considering the quality of products and the stability of equipment performance, we have different manufacturing concepts. For high-end machine tool products, we only focus on high-end customer groups. In the same product field, we do not produce low-end products, and the technology content of products is different because they involve different groups.

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