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        Mechanical and electrical automatic integration to enhance the product force of pipe bender industry


        The automatic pipe bender is often a mechanical and electrical integration equipment, making full use of the latest achievements of information products. However, the designers of some Chinese enterprises are not familiar with electronic products and dare not or will not choose them, which greatly limits the improvement of the level of automatic pipe bender. For example, many foreign CNC pipe benders mostly adopt servo drive and intelligent CNC system, which greatly shortens the transmission chain of the whole machine, greatly simplifies the structure, and greatly improves the working accuracy and speed. One of the core technologies is to adopt the synchronous technology of servo multi axis linkage. In fact, it is not difficult to master this technology, but some designers do not understand the development trend of the pipe bender industry and pipe bending process. Another core technology is to adopt a large number of servo drive, but the old designers can't design and select the servo mechanism and its control system.

        Advanced pipe bender adopts a large number of new detection systems to ensure the progress and stable and reliable operation of pipe bender. With the increasing penetration of automation manufacturers and the development of information technology, more and more designers accept the advanced automation technology, and use the advanced automation products to improve the performance of the equipment. The overall level of pipe bender in China lags behind that in developed countries for many years. In addition to the improvement of the technical level of domestic manufacturers, the localized production of foreign manufacturers also plays a very important role in promoting the improvement of the automatic level of pipe bender products in China. Trend internationalization is always the goal of pipe bending processing technology, but it is not enough to just shout slogans. If we want to really step on the international stage and move forward with high-end products, we must conform to the development trend of the times, integrate modern technology into mechanical production, so as to achieve efficient and intelligent equipment.

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