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        Obvious adjustment of industrial structure of domestic pipe bender industry


        Analysts in the mechanical industry pointed out that: the product structure of the domestic pipe bender and metal circular saw industry has been continuously optimized and presented three major characteristics: first, with the continuous development of industry and technology, the pipe shrinking machine products have shown the trend of development towards large (heavy) and super heavy; second, the high-end high-speed and high-precision forming machine has become the mainstream and focus of market demand.

        With the development and progress of science and technology, the machine tool products of pipe bending machine and pipe processing machinery industry also have a leap forward in reform and innovation, which benefits from the demand for pipe bending machine and pipe processing machinery industry in China in recent years. In recent years, with the progress and development of our society and the vigorous development of many related supporting facilities industries in the machine tool industry such as pipe bender, pipe cutting machine, pipe shrinking machine and other pipe processing equipment, in the face of many years of scientific and technological research and innovation, the development of pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender, full-automatic pipe bender and CNC pipe bender.

        Our pipe bender industry involves the processing needs of various industries, so innovation and progress should be made in flexibility and flexibility. In this way, single pipe bender, single head pipe bender and hydraulic pipe bender can not meet the needs of comprehensive development. Therefore, CNC pipe bender and full-automatic pipe bender are developed along with it. In the past, they have been relying on imported pipe bender to support high-tech industry demand.

        At present, we can develop and manufacture independently, and also customize for users. According to the material and processing characteristics to match the relevant models. It can be reconstructed or completely designed on the original model.

        There are many different pipe bending processes in practice, and there are many different classifications from different angles. In engineering, it is usually divided into cold bend and hot bend according to whether the pipe is heated or not. According to whether there is filler in bending, it is divided into core bend and non core bend. The cold bend method is adopted for stainless steel pipe, especially for thin-walled stainless steel pipe.

        The cold bending method is to bend the pipe under normal temperature. Because the pipe bender does not need heating, it is more suitable for bending stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe and copper pipe. The common cold bending method is rolling bending (rounding machine rolling machine). This paper mainly introduces the relevant problems of tube in the process of stretch bending, push bending and pressure bending. In general, the bending radius of cold bending shall not be less than 1.5 times of the pipe diameter. Because the pipe has certain elasticity. However, when the external force applied in bending is eliminated, the pipe will bounce back an angle, and there must be a certain amount of rebound in bending. The springback is related to the mechanical properties, wall thickness and bending radius of the tube material. Generally, the springback angle of copper tube is about 2-5 degrees.

        Pull winding bending is to clamp the tube on the bending die and rotate with the bending die. When the tube is pulled and pressed, the pressing block will squeeze the tube on the die, which belongs to the bending process of the forming die. With the development of numerical control pipe bender and numerical control machine tool industry, using advanced numerical control pipe bender to realize bending process can greatly improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. Because it is convenient to adjust the process parameters, the CNC pipe bender can complete the straightening, rounding, feeding, bending and other processes accurately and stably. The bending accuracy of the tube parts is ensured. However, the quality of the bent copper tube is more sensitive to the process parameters, so it requires sufficient preparation and trial production, especially for the bent thin-walled copper tube. If the process parameters are not properly selected, it is easy to wrinkle, leading to the scrap of the workpiece. How to obtain these process parameters efficiently and accurately to fully ensure the quality of elbow products. It is a research pilot of numerical control pipe bender technology.

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