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        Humanized service of pipe bending equipment is the first priority


        In the face of domestic large and small manufacturing enterprises, how to stand out and create our own side of the world is the key. In the face of domestic complex machine tool market, we should always keep To create the value of enterprise brand with service and quality, we also take great pains in the face of the service and technical innovation of pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine, pipe shrinking machine and other pipe processing machine tools. In order to maintain the original policy in the current market environment, it needs courage and patience. We also believe that only the more humanized service and the stability of machine tool equipment can go to the future market.

        In the field of pipe processing machinery, the main force of pipe bender equipment, pipe cutter and pipe shrinking machine product sales still relies on hydraulic system as the core power unit of the machine. In the past 20 years, we have continuously improved the pipe bending, cutting, pipe end forming and other processing technologies of metal circular saw, pipe end forming machine and single head pipe bender equipment.

        In the past decade, due to the continuous improvement and upgrading of technological revolution, the automatic pipe bender and CNC operating system are gradually updated and upgraded in the field of technology, such as human-computer exchange, etc., the pipe bender and more and more advanced and convenient, for some difficult pipe bending, as well as the upgrading of pipe cutting machine equipment with CNC CNC operating system small section cutting is also higher Precision and high efficiency production. When we use our pipe bender on the exhaust pipe of bus and car, because the past hydraulic pipe bender still can't achieve the machining accuracy, automatic feeding and automatic angle positioning.

        At the beginning of this year, our company started to plan the development of numerical control equipment, but it has been greatly affected by the technical bottleneck. Although the pipe bender equipment has significantly improved in technology and quality, the high-efficiency and full automation products have been stagnant. Compared with China's pipe bender machine tool products, it is of medium and high level, but compared with foreign CNC pipe bender machine tool products, it is still to be improved. Although our pipe cutting machine products and pipe shrinking machine products have been developed after introducing foreign products, but it has been such a long time, our machine tool now has its own characteristics.

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