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        Towards high-end intelligence is the future development of pipe bender industry


        The intelligent processing of CNC pipe bender is speeding up to the future market. The future market trend is definitely the era of intelligent machine tools. In the field of pipe processing industry, how to improve the processing quantity more efficiently and reduce the labor cost is the development idea of pipe bender enterprises. China is in the transition from a big manufacturing country to a new one in the high-end field. We must step into the era of high-end intelligence according to the needs of national conditions. At present, the CNC pipe bender in our country is in a large enterprise. In fact, because of the high cost, some small and medium-sized enterprises can not bear the high-end pipe bender products. So we need to consider the cost from the price, and then according to the domestic market demand, improve to meet the needs of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, and then according to the market environment for high-end customization to make it up and down.

        CNC pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine, pipe shrinking machine and other pipe processing machine tools are highly mechatronic products. They are suitable for the processing of many kinds of small batch parts, the bending and cutting of pipes, profiles, profiles and other materials with complex structure and high accuracy requirements. The parts that need frequent modification and the key parts that are expensive and not allowed to be scrapped, Parts requiring precise duplication, urgent parts requiring shorter production cycle and parts requiring 100 inspection. The pipe bender, numerical control metal circular saw and numerical control pipe shrinking machine have attracted the world's attention for their excellent flexible and automatic performance, excellent and stable accuracy, agile and diversified functions, which have created a forerunner for the development of mechanical products to mechatronics. Therefore, numerical control technology has become a core technology in advanced manufacturing technology. The characteristics and application scope of CNC machine tools make them become important equipment for the development of national economy and national defense construction.

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