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        Significant dynamic change of pipe bender industry under independent innovation


        In recent years, due to the impact of the economic development environment, the main economic operation indicators of China's machine tool industry have declined in an all-round way, the new orders have been significantly reduced, the level of production and marketing has been significantly reduced, the capital occupation has been significantly increased, the manufacturing resources have been largely idle and the contradiction between supply and demand has become increasingly prominent, the contradiction between the imbalance of the industry's fixed capacity structure has become more obvious, and the already serious homogenization market competition has been further intensified Aggravate.

        The overall level of main engine is far behind that of foreign countries. Although the proportion of domestic CNC machine tools is constantly increasing, there is a big gap between the host computer and foreign advanced level in terms of core R & D ability, product design level, accuracy, quality, performance, etc. The middle and high-grade CNC machine tools urgently needed in the market, such as machining centers, CNC lathes, precision grinding machines and special machining machines, mainly rely on imports; few enterprises can provide complete set and line-up services for users, lack the ability to provide a complete set of solutions or undertake more complex EPC projects; the stability and reliability of product quality are poor.

        The ability of independent innovation is insufficient. High speed and high precision motion control technology, dynamic comprehensive compensation technology, multi axis linkage and composite processing technology, intelligent technology, high-precision direct drive technology, reliability technology and so on need further breakthroughs. For a long time, the basic and common technology research of machine tool manufacturing industry in China has been mainly carried out in industrial research institutes. The ability is weak, the investment of technological innovation is insufficient, the ability of introduction, digestion and absorption is poor, the ability of independent innovation is not high, and there is a lack of excellent technical talents. Although domestic CNC machine tool manufacturers have acquired some advanced CNC technology through technology introduction, merger and reorganization at home and abroad, they lack of research on basic common technology and neglect the cultivation of independent development ability.

        The pipe bender mould and hydraulic pipe bender are supplied by manufacturers. In order to improve the after-sales service quality system in the market, the company will successively provide the pipe bender, metal circular saw, pipe shrinking machine and other pipe processing machinery and equipment in recent years. Whether it is the pipe bender products of the company or the pipe bender accessories of other units, we can provide relevant technical support And spare parts supply, convenient to solve the user in the spare parts to find difficult problems.

        For the die making of the pipe bender, we only need to provide the sample tube and the size to be processed. We have matched the die with the machine tool of the original using unit, so that it can be directly installed and used to ensure zero error. All metal circular saw pipe cutting machine accessories, clamping cylinder, electrical valve, pipe cutting machine clamp, adjusting screw rod, body, head, motor, turbine, vortex rod and other pipe cutting machine accessories can be customized. It can be used directly without modification.

        For the pipe bender machine tool to provide complete equipment maintenance and replacement of pipe bender parts and oil cylinders, it is possible to change the common pipe bender to the full-automatic pipe bender. All pipe processing machinery and equipment can be maintained after sales, and free technical guidance support can be provided. For the pipe to be processed, the company can provide on-site installation, debugging and proofing guidance for those who have no experience in the operation of pipe bender equipment. Humanized production service based on the actual needs of users. The company always takes the real needs of users as the center, and develops fully automatic pipe bender, metal circular saw, pipe end forming machine, rolling machine, chamfering machine, gear grinding machine and other pipe processing machinery supporting integrated equipment.

        In pipe bender, pipe shrinking machine and pipe cutting machine, the positioning accuracy of CNC pipe bender has been tested by mathematical statistics in China, but some enterprises have different propaganda. In addition, when selecting CNC machine tools, it is necessary to meet the requirements of workpiece processing accuracy of the unit. In general, if the general level is enough, do not go up to the precision level. Otherwise, the cost will increase a lot and the investment will increase.

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