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        Pipe bending automation process to raise the industry standard of pipe bender


        Pipe processing machinery automation, intelligence, lifting the pipe bender industry's pipe bending process level, with the improvement of the quality of the process pipe bender, the current automatic pipe bender series; the matching of CNC pipe bender, full-automatic pipe bender and automatic feeding and unloading CNC pipe bender has been more and more recognized by the market. The automatic operation in the whole process of pipe bending production and intelligent operation without human intervention not only improve the process of pipe bending, but also significantly improve the labor cost and efficiency. Automation is a comprehensive discipline, which includes industrial software represented by control system, as well as automation hardware and mechanical equipment represented by industrial robots. These mechanical equipment are direct participants in production, to a large extent, they replace human beings to complete many production links. The progress of automation technology includes software and hardware.

        China's pipe bender, pipe cutting machine, pipe shrinking machine and other mechanical industries need to establish the development concept that science and technology are the core competitiveness, not caring how much profit they can earn today, but how to better meet the needs of users. When the first place is to meet the needs of users, users will naturally become more and more, and enterprises will naturally grow larger and stronger.

        China's pipe bender and hydraulic pipe bender machinery manufacturing industry should closely grasp the market demand, actively develop technologies and products to meet the market demand, and create their own core competitiveness. Japan and other countries mostly expand their exports in the middle and high-end market, while China has a greater advantage in the middle and low-end market with high cost performance. Now, China's machinery products are gradually upgrading from the low-end to the high-end.

        All in all, changing the market has become an urgent problem to be solved. Only by mastering the market development direction can we better meet the market demand. We need to change from a product supplier to a technology supplier, and finally to a service supplier. That is to say, we should not only sell products, but also export technology to provide power and equipment for the progress of the industry. Finally, we should serve the industry, provide all-round production and design assistance for the industry, as well as the maintenance of the final products and technological progress, and provide the best service.

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