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        Welcome to Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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        Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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        The development of pipe bender


        There are many kinds of pipe benders with different functions. The pipe benders sold in the market should pay more attention to the practical effect of high precision and rapid response. In the scientific research of elbow, it is the main advantage of elbow. There are many kinds of elbow pipes in the application, and after the adjustment of the elbow pipe sales market, the development trend and market demand of the sales market are also changing slowly, and the objective requirements have become the leading role of the elbow pipe market demand. Moreover, manufacturers' investment in commodity research funds is also increasing, looking forward to the completion of reform and innovation according to technological innovation.

        High precision operation of pipe bender


        In the application of many elbow pipes in engineering, there are regulations on the use of pipe fittings, and the accuracy value can be less than ± 0.5mm. However, if it is applicable to such goods as rear-view mirrors, the relative requirements are higher, and the basic requirements are less than ± 0.01mm.

        Rapid response of pipe bender

        The response time of pipe bender is also one of the key points in the application of pipe bending. Only by considering the difficult problems in the precise operation of the elbow can the rapid response state be described. Compared with other types, this is also a great advantage. It also stipulates that the manufacturer should speed up the technological research of the pipe bender and carry out scientific research, development and design of the pipe bender. Therefore, the improvement and perfection of the function of elbow becomes a useful type of elbow, and plays an important role in the use and market promotion. It is also a problem that many manufacturers attach great importance to seeking high-precision and high-efficiency products. For this kind of high-precision commodity operation, this is also a huge advantage.



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        Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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