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        What conditions should be met for the installation and regulation of pipe bender?


        The application of pipe bender is also a milestone improvement and promotion. This not only further improves the management ability, but also improves the management ability of all social development. We also have a detailed understanding of many uses of bending equipment. Before application, we need to establish equipment installation and adjustment regulations to ensure the effectiveness of the application of machinery and equipment.

        At first, in the installation process of the pipe bender, especially when installing the hydraulic seal, we should pay attention to whether the model and specification of the U-ring and O-ring installed inside the hydraulic cylinder are suitable. Make clear the model and specification, clean the cylinder head with gasoline during installation to avoid residual iron pin and burr during drilling. If the burr inside the cylinder head is not removed, the cylinder head is installed on the pipe bender equipment, it is easy to cause the equipment blocking or a work jam. For a long time, according to the hydraulic cylinder in the hydraulic cylinder to drive the iron pin back and forth, it is easy to cause the internal of the steel barrel to be scratched, and then cause the oil in the piston rod to lose the working pressure.

        The same is true when installing the hydraulic valve. Clean the oil duct plate and install it in a clean environment.


        Lifting of hydraulic pipe bender

        1. The center of gravity of hydraulic pipe bender is high, heavy in front and light in back. Therefore, attention should be paid to the center of gravity in the whole process of hoisting, transportation and installation to prevent the overturning accident. In order to ensure that the precision of the CNC Lathe will not change, the intersection angle of the raised thread should be as small as possible.

        2. The upper and lower vertical poles of the hydraulic pipe bending equipment are located on the top of the operation platform. As the standard for accurate measurement, the vertical and horizontal directions should be less than or equal to 1000:0.2. Prepare in advance according to the basic drawing, basically install the hydraulic pipe bending equipment, install the anchor screw and grouting. After the concrete is completely set, tighten the anchor bolts and check the level.



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        Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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