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        What is the maintenance method of automatic pipe bender?


        During the operation of the automatic bend machine, all parts of the automatic bending machine can be maintained under the conditions of bad environmental standards (such as rainy days), improper operation, operation error and load. All the systems of the pipe bending equipment are suitable for operation at 40 and 0-99% ambient humidity. The bending machine is suitable for the application at the average altitude of 0-2500. Before the bender works, the proper workplace must be selected. The stacking rules of pipes and elbows can be considered in the site, and the working pressure of the equipment can be guaranteed on the pavement. Bending performance: check whether the anticorrosive coating has oil marks, dents, bending, folds, corrosion protection serial numbers and pipe numbers, or have defects of incorrect writing, scab, equipment damage and other external defects. Anticorrosive corrosion of the surface of the main pipe and record of the project acceptance.

        Maintenance method of automatic bend machine


        1. Long term storage elbows shall be maintained regularly. Exposed surface of production and processing shall be kept clean, and dirt shall be removed and stored in indoor areas with natural ventilation and impetuous air, and it is forbidden to accumulate or store them outdoors. Keep the elbow dry and natural ventilation, keep the retainer clean and tidy, and store in the correct storage mode.

        2. when installing, the elbow can be directly installed on the pipeline according to the interface mode, and it can also be installed according to the application part. Generally, it can be installed in all parts of the pipeline, but it needs convenient operation and inspection. Note that the material inflow to the elbow should be from the vertical piston valve direction, and the elbow can only be installed horizontally. Pay attention to the sealing of elbow during installation to prevent leakage and endanger the normal operation of the pipeline.

        In addition, the key harm of bending rate of automatic bending machine to forming quality is as follows:

        The speed is too fast, which will easily cause the bending part of the hose to be flattened, and the concentricity can not reach the specified value, which will cause the hose to break; If the speed is very slow, it is easy to cause the pipeline wrinkling and steel cutting deviation, and the large diameter pipe Louis produces the dent in the bending part of the pipe. According to many tests of these two automatic bending machines, it is found that 20% to 40% of the bending speed of the equipment is suitable.




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        Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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