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        What problems will appear in the application of pipe bender?


        With the development trend of new technology, the quality and technology of pipe bender in our country has been quite perfect and stable with hydraulic pipe bender, automatic pipe bender, laser pipe cutter, lock and other pipe production equipment. Everyone is not easy to explore. Due to the application of new technology in the past, the stability level of mechanical equipment characteristics is relatively sensitive, but now the pipeline production line equipment is basically stable, so we should pay attention to maintenance after purchasing the machining center.


        In this way, when the pipe is inserted into the journal, the iron pin will come out, and the iron pin that has not been removed will fall into the car fuel tank. As we all know, the pipe bender uses oil pump to input oil, and the hydraulic pressure is displayed according to the automobile relay. Therefore, most of the iron pins will jump out of the filter screen of the oil pipeline after they enter the automobile fuel tank, but few iron pins will enter the oil pump to make the iron pin of the suction oil pump enter the automobile relay. But this kind of iron pin can't flow in the automobile relay, which leads to the blockage of the hydraulic relay, and the oil can't flow, which leads to the failure of mutual cooperation, and the bending equipment can't work normally.

        But what problems often appear in the daily use of pipe bender? In the technical draft of system log, I think this problem has been mentioned for a long time. Today, it is often said that there is a problem in the area where the hydraulic press is located, because when the mechanical equipment is at the elbow, a large number of small iron pins will be left when the optical fiber laser cuts the pipe. If the iron pin can't be cleaned up, the elbow in the pipe bender will touch it immediately. However, many wear-resistant materials of pipe bender are bent by mandrel, which may wrinkle or collapse in the pipe bender.


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        Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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