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        Special cooling tower and induction heating for bending machine


        During the working process of the medium frequency special cooling tower of the pipe bender, the cooling medium (soft water, oil or other liquid) is driven by the main circulating pump and circulates between the heat exchanger and the equipment to be cooled. The spray water is evenly sprayed on the heat exchanger and forms a uniform water film on the outer surface of the heat exchanger. The cold air enters the tower from the air inlet under the tower and flows counter current with the spray water through the outer surface of the heat exchanger, In this process, there are two kinds of heat exchange methods, that is, the heat conduction between the cold air and the cooling medium and the heat exchange of spray water evaporation. After absorbing the heat, the saturated hot and wet air is discharged to the atmosphere by the fan, and the other spray water flows into the water tank at the lower part of the tower, and then is transported to the spray system by the water pump. In this way, the cooling medium in the reciprocating heat exchanger is cooled.


        1. Pipe bending machine induction heating and metal melting equipment, such as: high and medium frequency quenching equipment, medium frequency power supply and electric furnace, induction diathermy furnace, holding furnace cooling, industrial solution cooling, such as quenching liquid, electroplating liquid, etc.

        2. Chemical industry, a variety of reactors, condenser cooling of circulating water.

        3. Cooling of large motor, diesel engine, rectifying equipment, welding equipment, hydraulic station and continuous casting equipment.

        4. Metal die casting mold, injection mold and other large mold cooling.


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        Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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