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        Solution to deviation of bending angle of single end pipe bender


        Single head is very common in life, with many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation and other advantages. But after all, it's machines, because they are designed to bend metal, which is dangerous. If they are not operated properly, it will be dangerous. The transmission spindle of single end pipe bending machine is inserted directly from the upper part of the machine head during assembly, with accurate installation and convenient maintenance. The bending spindle and transmission sprocket are forged and processed as a whole, hobbed as a whole, keyless connection and uniform stress. It is driven by double oil cylinders. During the bending process, the hydraulic system automatically throttles and buffers before the rotating arm approaches the bending set angle, which greatly improves the bending accuracy, Fast reset, throttling buffer is set near the starting point in the return process, which greatly improves the reset accuracy and work efficiency. Full hydraulic drive.


        In the field of pipe processing machinery, the main sales force of single end products still relies on the hydraulic system as the core power unit of the machine, and has been constantly improving the pipe bending, cutting, pipe end forming and other processing technologies of the pipe bending machine equipment. In the past decade, due to the continuous upgrading of the technological revolution, Gradually, with the upgrading of automatic pipe bender and CNC operating system, the single end pipe bender becomes more and more advanced and convenient.

        In the past, the hydraulic pipe bender still can't achieve the machining accuracy, automatic feeding and automatic angle positioning, which rely on manual measurement to complete. Therefore, to a large extent, it can't achieve the improvement of high accuracy and efficiency. However, in the past decade, with the development of numerical control technology revolution, Has bid farewell to the past traditional pipe bender, now compared with the hydraulic pipe bender 20 years ago, there is still great progress in many technologies.

        With the use of hydraulic pipe bender for a long time, some mechanical parts begin to age, so we need to have a certain understanding of the pipe bender equipment to carry out disassembly analysis and find out the reasons. For some highly difficult pipe bending processing, how to improve the accuracy of bending processing, and how to solve the problem of deviation and inaccuracy in bending processing? Generally, if there is deviation in bending angle, we should first check whether our single end bending angle controller and encoder are damaged, and whether they are loose. After eliminating the encoder problem, we should check whether the encoder is damaged, We are looking to see if the elbow deviation is caused by the elbow arm rubbing, if the oil temperature is too high, if the elbow speed is uneven, and if the solenoid valve can not control the oil pressure well.


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