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        Method of upgrading traditional pipe bender to NC automatic pipe bender


        Although China's pipe bending machine industry started late, but supported by the demand of downstream machining and other related industries, the overall development of the industry is fast, and the scale is also growing. But at present, many enterprises are still in the extensive business model although their strength has been improved. Due to excessive competition and serious homogenization of products, the profit margin is narrow, and the development of many enterprises is constrained. So how to get automatic pipe bender with less investment is a problem worthy of discussion. Can we upgrade the original machine tool instead of buying automatic pipe bender? The answer is yes. The experience of upgrading and transformation in recent years tells us that it has great potential. It not only has good practical performance and short cycle, but also can save a lot of money.


        What kind of machine tools are suitable for NC upgrading and remanufacturing? Experience shows that the improvement effect of vertical horizontal lathe (especially large vertical horizontal lathe), gantry milling upgrading CNC gantry milling, gantry planer upgrading NC gantry milling, horizontal boring milling machine upgrading NC horizontal boring milling machine and vertical horizontal grinder upgrading NC grinding machine is relatively ideal.

        The upgrading and transformation of NC must be carried out first to design and manufacture the machine tool machinery part, so as to meet the requirements of numerical control. Only simply adding servo motor and numerical control system can not achieve the purpose of upgrading. Therefore, the following work is generally required:

        The original trapezoidal screw is replaced with ball screw to improve the precision, reduce friction, grind and grind the guide rail, paste the plastic guide rail or directly use the linear rolling guide rail to refine the spindle system, improve the precision of the spindle, design the automatic cooling chip removal system, and increase the tool changing mechanism - the tool magazine manipulator to design and manufacture the automatic lubrication system if necessary to improve the automation degree of the machine tool.

        =In the process of transformation, the numerical control system and servo system should be determined and selected. The function of CNC system is not more and better, and the system price with more functions is also more expensive. Domestic and imported systems should be selected as required. At present, there is still a gap between domestic system and imported system, so it is better to select import system for large-scale high-precision equipment. But in recent years, the domestic system has made great progress, and it can be used reliably for general lathe and milling machine. First, the servo motor is AC servo motor.

        It is also very important to choose the remanufacturing NC upgrade contractor company. To select qualified companies, the remanufacturing industry is still very irregular. The price of different companies for the same machine tool transformation varies greatly. Sometimes the difference is as high as - times the existing performance of the contractor company shall be investigated on the site of the contractor company. Those companies without fixed site and no stable technical team can no longer be manufactured. A good remanufacturing enterprise should have strong mechanical and electrical design ability and certain processing and manufacturing ability.


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        Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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