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        Correct steps of adding lubricating oil to pipe bender


        In the process of using the pipe bender, it is inseparable from the lubricating oil. If there is a lack of lubricating oil, it will affect the normal use. Of course, when adding lubricating oil, we must master the correct method. Now Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of pipe bending machine, will introduce it to you.


        First, before adding lubricating oil, it is necessary to clean the oil tank, clean up the impurities inside, and also pay attention to the situation of oil filter network, see if there is any defect, and pay attention to the inspection work, only in this way can the lubricating oil be added smoothly.

        Secondly, it is not necessary to add too much lubricating oil when adding lubricating oil. Only add arrival mark, so as to ensure its better use effect.

        When adding lubricating oil to the pipe bending machine, all these aspects above need to be mastered. Only in this way can this work be carried out smoothly, and it can also play a better maintenance effect for the equipment itself.


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