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        Electrical safety precautions for daily operation of hydraulic pipe bender


        The use method of hydraulic pipe bender is very simple. Some problems should be paid attention to when using. For example, the power safety should be paid attention to, because electricity is not a small thing, and improper use will have serious consequences.


        1. Although the circuits of the hydraulic pipe bender are insulated, there are always line interfaces. Do not touch them. Of course, people are not allowed to touch them. Only professional personnel can touch them in maintenance or other situations.

        2. The voltage provided to the pipe bender must be provided according to the voltage used by the pipe bender. Do not over load the voltage. It is very dangerous, which may cause damage to the machine, stop or even leakage.

        3. Before any electrical box is opened, the machine must be completely isolated from the power supply. And the power should be off.

        In the use of hydraulic pipe bender, power safety is the most important, whether it is for the machine, or for the staff, the correct use of power, is the most secure guarantee.


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        Zhangjiagang Weibo Machinery Co.Ltd.

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