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        High frequency sealing machine

        High frequency sealing machine

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        • Release date:2020-03-02
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        High frequency plastic sealing machine is also called high frequency plastic heat sealing machine, blister and paper card heat sealing machine. It is a machine that uses the high frequency or high cycle process to weld and seal the packaging of Blister products. As is common in our life, some products in the store that use blister paper cards can be packed with high frequency plastic sealers.

        Sealing and heat sealing packaging method of high-frequency sealing machine: put the plastic foam shell of the product into the bottom mold, and then cover the blister paper card, the machine will automatically complete the welding and sealing. For example, toothbrush, battery, hardware tools and other products in daily necessities we see are mostly packed by suction. The types of high-frequency sealing machine generally include: push plate type high-frequency sealing machine, rotary table type high-frequency sealing machine, disc type high-frequency sealing machine, automatic rotary table with manipulator type high-frequency sealing machine, and double head type high-frequency sealing machine.


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