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        CNC pipe bender dw-50cnc-2a-1s

        CNC pipe bender dw-50cnc-2a-1s

        • 所屬分類:Pipe bending machine
        • 瀏覽次數:
        • 發布日期:2021-07-06
        • 產品概述
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        Mechanical features:

        ■Full automatic pipe bender can bend complex three-dimensional pipe from left to right.

        ■Accurate control by 5-13 axis servo motor.

        ■It can realize the left and right bending function of 1-4 layers die.

        ■It can realize the bending and pushing bending function of large radius or spiral products.

        ■Industrial computer system has 3D interference checking function.

        ■It can connect robot and 3D measuring instrument.

        ■The 3D stereogram can be directly generated from the input pipe fitting data, and the pipe fitting forming process can be simulated, and the pipe fitting forming graph can be previewed.

        ■It has perfect machine fault alarm function, and displays alarm information on the screen, which is convenient for the operator to find and remove faults.


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