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        CNC pipe bender dw-130cnc-2a-1s

        CNC pipe bender dw-130cnc-2a-1s

        • 所屬分類:Pipe bending machine
        • 瀏覽次數:
        • 發布日期:2021-07-06
        • 產品概述
        • 性能特點
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        Mechanical features:

        ■It has the function of automatic detection of errors and faults, and is displayed on the screen, so that the operator can easily remove obstacles.

        ■All processing data are input by touch screen.

        ■Each elbow can set compensation value, speed and stripping clearance according to different material changes.

        ■5 action sequences and 10 Speed segments can be written separately for each bend of the same pipe, so that the operator can use them together to improve work efficiency and reduce interference points of pipe fittings.


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