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        Single head hydraulic pipe bender dw-130nc

        Single head hydraulic pipe bender dw-130nc

        • 所屬分類:Pipe bending machine
        • 瀏覽次數:
        • 發布日期:2021-07-06
        • 產品概述
        • 性能特點
        • 技術參數

        Mechanical features:

        ■The machine is beautiful and exquisite, providing a large elbow space.

        ■It is controlled by single chip microcomputer and easy to set and operate.

        ■The encoder is used to track and feedback the bending angle, which has high accuracy.

        ■Storage of multi group processing mode, flexible switching between different specifications of the program.

        ■It has the function of automatic counting and power failure memory.

        ■Equipped with hydraulic cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation of the machine.


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